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Brampton is the 9th largest city in Canada and is among the top 10 most active construction markets in the country. Adding to this, Brampton is strategically located within the Greater Toronto Area - Canada's economic engine. Brampton has it all, an influx of international, domestic, and brand new business taking advantage of our exceptional attributes. With a modern infrastructure, a vibrant workforce, and immediate access to an extensive network of trans-continental highways, seaways and Canada's Pearson International Airport, Brampton is connected to global markets and ready for business challenges of any size.

Diverse cultural communities with latest trends and facilities of local transit zoom buses, Go buses and local buses attract investment and people, but more importantly, keep them in this city. A newcomer to this city does not need to own a vehicle to commute. Shopping malls, Schools falling under peel region renowned doctors and dentists speaking various languages are accessible. Downtown development activities are boosting Brampton's economic and cultural vitality. There is no shortage of green space with parkland and trails. Popularly known as Canada's Flower City, and with festivals such as Car Abram, our signature summer festival featuring song, dance, and cuisine and traditions spanning the globe, life in Brampton is good.

As one of Canada's most diverse, multicultural centres, it's easy to understand why businesses and families are attracted to Brampton. So, when faced with the decision of where to locate your business, choose the multicultural city of Brampton.

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Brampton is known for its beauty with the various types of Art galleries, Museums, Amusement parks, Arenas & Stadiums etc. Brampton is also known for hosting many successful sport tournaments from many different sports.

Brampton is been surrounded with the soul pleasing sites and many variety of nature beauty that is been attracting millions of tourists every year. Some of the places to visit in Brampton are listed below

Art Gallery of Peel:

The art gallery is having more than 2500 paintings, drawings, sculptures exhibited by the well-known Canadian artist who have won awards for their outstanding paintings. Their paintings are been displayed in the Art Gallery of Peel. It is also known as International art to the peel community.

Historic Bovaird House:

Historic Bovaird House was been built in the year 1840. This house resembles the Georgian type farmhouse with esthetic interiors of ancient type. The furniture is been designed in the year 1850 to 1920. Every year there are various events held at the house, you will get to see various types of gifts designed by the local artisans at the craft house and Mossies' tea house offers variety of tea tastes.

Peel heritage Complex:

The Peel heritage complex is having peel museum, peel country courthouse and art gallery.

Peel County Jail:

The Peel Country jail was been established in the year 1867 and presently is the peel heritage complex. This building was used as jail in the year 1977. Presently it is displayed with colourful exhibits.

Korea Veterans Wall of Remembrance:

This pays tribute to the men and women who bravely served in the Korean War, on this wall you will see the names of the people who lost their lives for the country.

Great War Flying Museum:

This museum was been established in the year 1970, and the museum contains a huge collection of First World War Combat aircraft. Where few air crafts are still in working condition, and few them are shown during the air shows.

Region of Peel Museum:

This is part of the Peel Heritage Complex. This museum contains former family treasures, handmade tools and other antique items, pictures of the people who had settled in the early stages of Peel Home.

Bramalea Baptist Church:

Bramalea Baptist Church is one the most beautiful church present in the Brampton and represents the ancient sculptures of the Lord Jesus and their sacrifices.

Rose Theatre Brampton:

Rose Theatre Brampton is a state-of-the-art performing arts complex in the City of Brampton dedicated to presenting world-class entertainment of many genres to the city's diverse audience.

Professor's Lake:

This lake is a man-made body of water offering the sandy beaches, water slides, canoeing, paddle boating and many other activities that can be carried out in the water.

Gage Park:

Gage Park is located in Brampton's historic downtown, on Wellington and Main Street. One of the most popular featured park where in the temperature is been controlled for the outdoor skating, evening time there is too much of crowd and during the summer evening concerts are been held here.

Wild Water Kingdom:

This wild water kingdom is been specially designed for the kids to enjoy at extreme, it is having the speed slides, playground, batting cages, mini golf, rain dance and fun filled activities.

PowerAde Centre - Brampton:

This place is known for the sporting events that are been held on the large scales. There are various other venues along with it such as Sports Hall of Fame etc.

Vendors' Flea Market:

One of the largest market in the market situated in the Brampton and is been managed very professionally, every day there are thousands people visiting this market.

Brampton Farmers Market:

This market is known as farmers market and is open every Saturday from 7 am to 1 pm from June to October, and all the vegetables and fruits are very fresh.

Brampton Battalion Hockey Club (OHL):

Brampton Battalion Club is renowned for its highest number of NHL draft selection from the Ontario league.